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May 30, 2009

31 May

Bob H. was pointing like a pro today. A group of little league kids that were watching us deemed him the best player in the group (which he was yesterday!).

Dan D, Loic and myself played three games. No pictures and a short post, sorry. Here are the updated CPC super championship totals. I’m going to be knocked off the leader position very shortly if I don’t get my game in order!


My Sunday Afternoon

18 May

Fred, my brother-in-law from France, was in Chicago this past week. We’ve never played petanque together before, although I heard he was very good and had even beaten one of the top players in France in a tete-a-tete game. On Sunday afternoon we went to the bocce piste at Clarendon park and played four games, of which I lost four (although I was ahead 12-7 at one point until he warmed up and beat me 13-12). I can honestly say he is the best person I have ever played against; he is a shooter but points well enough to force you to shoot his first shots. How good of a shooter is he? We held a little shooting competition at the end of the afternoon…3 balls each at 6-7-8-9 meters. He hit 10 out of 12 boules (that’s 83 percent).

I guess what I’m saying is, I need to go live and practice in France!

Oh, this is the guy he beat tete-a-tete (Suchaud, the shooter in the black hat).

15 May

Petanque Wine

Midwest Petanque  Doublette Tournament

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Beautiful Chicago lakefront, Grant Park
Email reservation to
$15 per person, payable event morning.
Registration 9 a.m. Starts 10 a.m.

Midwest Petanque Tournament

14 May


Doublette Tournament
Saturday, June 20 2009
Beautiful Chicago lakefront, Grant Park
Email your reservation to DAN@CHICAGOPETANQUE.COM today.
$15 per person, payable event morning.
Registration 9 a.m. Starts 10 a.m.

May 9, 2009 – PICNIC!

10 May

(More photos can be found at our FLICKR site)

The highlight of today was a potluck picnic. Sausages, rice balls, pasta salads, chips…and hey, I think might have even seen a bottle of wine and a couple beers passed around (shhhhh). The food sustained us for the entire afternoon. John, Ian, Miwa, Matthew and myself didn’t leave until 6:00 pm.

We had two guests, Donna and John. Also, Matthew joined us today. He has played with the club before and is returning with a pointing precision that led one of my teams to victory.

Here are the charts for the CPC Super-Championship.



Saturday, May 2, 2009

3 May



(NOTE: above chart is a work-in-progress…but it’s a pretty cool excel spreadsheet which is self sorting and tracks changes over the entire season)

We were at McGuane park on this beautiful Saturday. Dustin S. showed up for the first time this season and we received a new member…one Abderahim from Morocco. Abderahim is a veteran of petanque but a newcomer to Chicago. I predict there will be epic matches between him and Ziggy.

We also started the CPC Super-Champion competition today. Three points are awarded to winners of a game while everyone who plays receive one point for participation. The two players with the highest totals at the end of the season will go tete-a-tete for the Super Champion title. I will try to keep a running total of the points in this blog as soon as I get my hands on the tally sheet.

No pictures today, I forgot my camera.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 May

High winds and threatening clouds didn’t deter the club from an afternoon of petanque. Today saw the return of Ziggy and the introduction of a new member, Ned. Also in attendance were John, Bob A, Bob H, Dan, John, Jimenez, Loic, Brandon and Ian. Ian showed up on crutches he earned from a game of basketball, but was still able to hop around and shoot quite well.

We were eventually rained out, but not before three games.

You can see more photos of the day at our FLICKR site.