My Sunday Afternoon

18 May

Fred, my brother-in-law from France, was in Chicago this past week. We’ve never played petanque together before, although I heard he was very good and had even beaten one of the top players in France in a tete-a-tete game. On Sunday afternoon we went to the bocce piste at Clarendon park and played four games, of which I lost four (although I was ahead 12-7 at one point until he warmed up and beat me 13-12). I can honestly say he is the best person I have ever played against; he is a shooter but points well enough to force you to shoot his first shots. How good of a shooter is he? We held a little shooting competition at the end of the afternoon…3 balls each at 6-7-8-9 meters. He hit 10 out of 12 boules (that’s 83 percent).

I guess what I’m saying is, I need to go live and practice in France!

Oh, this is the guy he beat tete-a-tete (Suchaud, the shooter in the black hat).


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