Shoot Like the Pros

13 Jun

The best way to learn how to play petanque is to watch and copy the masters. Every time I play with someone more experienced than myself I find myself playing better than normal because I try to replicate their form and technique. While we don’t always have the luxury of playing with Marco Foyot or Phillipe Quintais, we can still learn a lot from watching free petanque videos scattered across the web

Here are two videos that were posted recently on (also, check the site out if you need a new set of boules).

In the first one, I particularly like the short blond kid’s shooting form. I’m sure there were a lot of misses that they didn’t include in the mix, but watching them – how old can they be? – makes me realize how much work I have left to become even average by French standards.

This is an old video (1998) with some of the current masters when they were a bit younger playing in a tournament. It’s worth watching to notice how each one shoots a little differently. Which brings me to my final point: even though you need to learn from more experienced players, you need to find the shot that works naturally for you.


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