Summer’s End BBQois…

29 Aug

Sharron decides that spotty shade may mean a spotty tan…and immediatly applies sunscreen. Meanwhile, a game gets underway in the adjoining terrain while Dusty dazzles ’em with his French on the sidelines. Can you spot Steve in the picture?

Deeeeelicious shish-kabob with wine marinated steak, slow roasted Hawaiian pineapple, zesty Italian za-zooch & firey jalapeno grill themselves to perfection on the Smokey Joe…

The terrains are completley abandoned during a lunch break…

A sparkle of hope shines for Bobski as he launches a boule…

Thank you all for coming out on Saturday for our summer’s end BBQois and making it a most enjoyable event! Thanks for helping set up, clean up and contributing to the food, drink & camaraderie! The summer season may be over, but we’re not done yet…stay tuned for moreĀ games & events in the upcoming “Fall Season!” And remember, anyone can suggest and post an event! Au revoir!


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