One Short of a Dirty Dozen…

26 Jun

Eleven petanquers came out to shoot the boule on this spectacular summer day! Most of us played five to six games for over 6 hours of fun! We even organized ourselves into impromptu intramural tournament play! After three rounds of play, the stats looked like this…

Dan & Steve (Winner of the 2011 desert challenge) Won 2 games, Lost 1.

Bob & Brandon “the Nebraskan Assassin” Won 2 games, Lost 1.

Ian & Loic “the Landscaper” Won 1 game, Lost 2.

Tom & John “the Kaizer of Petanque” Won 1 game, Lost 2.

Then, unfortunately, one player from each team had to leave, creating the Amalgamated Team of Steve and Brandon to play against the United Confederacy of Ian & John for the championship.

Steve and Brandon won the final game 13 to 6, and let me tell you, they were tough. Really tough. Steve is so tough, he doesn’t shave. He pounds his facial hair back through his jaw with a steel boule and chews it off…from the inside! Brandon is so tough he doesn’t even have to shoot our boules away. If we hold the point, he’ll just kind of stare at our boules until they sort of roll away…voluntarily!
Between rounds, both of them do push ups…or so it seems. If you look closely enough,
you’ll realize they aren’t pushing anything UP…they’re pushing the earth DOWN!
Now that’s tough!

Ian is tough too! Not only can he OPEN a beer with his Leinenkugel’s hat, but he can CHILL a warm beer to 39 degrees with his COLD, HARD stare!

A chrome plated “Wind-Up Bob” hood ornament will soon adorn Peugeot automobiles everywhere!

Special thanks to Brian and Mitch from UBK studios who came out to enjoy a couple of games with us today! They’ve finished their documentary movie “Petanque America Open” filmed amongst other places, at the above said tournament in Florida back in November of 2010. It’s on DVD! Check out




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