Postcards from Thailand

8 Aug

More action from the terrains in Thailand…Petanque is called “Petong” locally. To point, you say “kao”, literally “to enter”. Shoot is “tii” to hit or to strike. Carreau is “jod” meaning to park (as in a car!). Games are normally played to eleven points instead of thirteen.

Ok I admit it…I played petanque for about six months here before I found out it was a French game. I thought it was some indigenous Southeast Asian thing! However, next to the “Petong” terrains is a Takraw court. Takraw IS an indigenous sport similar to volleyball…same thing, three hits on a side etc. but you can only use your feet and head! The serve is usually answered with the head, set with the instep like in hacky-sack, then for the spike, one does a scissors kick followed by a summersault because you have to land on the same foot you used to kick the ball!

If you’re worried about squirrels running off with the cochonet at McGuane Park, how about a couple of suspicious looking primates tugging at your hubcaps! Watch where you park your car around these terrains!

Play usually wraps up about 8 PM in these parts. The lights are controlled by a huge switch like the one used to bring Frankenstein’s monster to life. I snapped this photo right before calling it a night…

Ok Chicago Petanque Club, how’s this for a retirement plan? We get us a little spot by the water suitable for petanque, and park this old boat in front. We’ll fill the hull with ice and beer. We’ll hire a cashier to sit in the helm and open “Shipwreck Bar, Bier and Boules!” What a way to spend the winter!


One Response to “Postcards from Thailand”

  1. Joe Martin August 9, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

    What neat photos! We know there are more Thai’s playing this game than anywhere else, but it is fun to see what it looks like there. I could never play takraw, thank goodness for petanque.

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