Terrific Tournament Day

9 Sep

The 2012 CHICAGO BOULES Doublette Tournament was a rousing success. The competitive spirit, matched with perfect weather and a tremendous terrain in a beautiful park all added up to the ideal petanque day. First place: Elhadi and Robert Hacker. Second place: Ziggy and Chuck S. Third place: Bob Hakes and Ian F. See the Chicago Petanque Club’s FACEBOOK page for ALL THE PHOTOS.

Awards waiting for the victors


One Response to “Terrific Tournament Day”

  1. jean-Yves PODEUR March 16, 2013 at 11:52 am #

    My name is Jean-Yves Podeur and I am the president of the “Joyeuse Pétanque de Pont du Château “.
    If you remember, I has sent you a mail some months ago. I write you today to ask for your help.
    In our club, we have a blog, and I like to write about different subjects. Now, I make articles on the origins of the word “cochonnet”.
    Of course, I have found a lot of words in French, but there are probably also a lot of words in English to describe this small wooden round thing.
    Example: Piglet, Kid, … Can you help me to found others names with if it is possible a short definition
    Thanks a lot and again sorry to my bad English.
    Waiting to your answers,
    Best regards

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